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Myntra EORS | End of Reason Sale is from 22nd to 25th Dec 2017!

December 19, 2017 1 Comments

Myntra has announced India’s biggest reason sale on Fashion and it will be run between 22nd to 25th December 2017. In this sale they are providing offers upto  80% Discount on Biggest Range of Fashion and additional offers are also playing a significant role, I am inserting the application screenshots for better understanding.

In the above picture we can clearly see the application’s homepage saying end of season sale is coming back, if you click onto this banner it will redirect you to a page from where you can understand everything related to this sale and can utilize this opportunity. So let me take you through step by step.

Page Content

Myntra End Of Reason Sale TopBrands Offers

·        Nike – 40% – 60% Off.

Steps to Shop During Myntra End Of Reason Sale

1.     Open the myntra’s home page on / Click here or download the application from Google play store.
2.     Now it’s time to shop, search your favorite clothing and add it to the cart.
3.     After adding everything you want go to your cart and tap on shop now.
4.     Fill your shipping address and click on “Save & Continue”.
5.     Complete the payment and enjoy the product delivery at given time.

Myntra End of Reason Sale Shopping Groups Offers

Shopping Experience can become even better for you if you shop in a group, because once you have created a group you can double your savings and get extra 15% off on everything for next 6 months. So shop together and get additional off above all other discounts+ Get VIP Pass to shop before everyone.

Click here to create the shopping group and add your friends.

Myntra Shopping Groups Rewards Details

There is some exciting rewards for shopping group winners, in this end of reason sale. Rewards differ on shopping amounts so,

·        When you shop for Rs.20,000 and your group shopping total is Rs.1,00,000- then you will get additional 15% off over and above all other discounts on all your orders for next 6 months.
·        When you shop for Rs.8,000 and your group shopping total is Rs.40,000- then you will get additional 10% off over and above all other discounts on all your orders for next 6 months.
·        When you shop for Rs.4,000 and your group shopping total is Rs.15,000- then you will get additional 5% off over and above all other discounts on all your orders for next 6 months.

During Myntra End Of Reason Sale, the top group wins the Holiday Vouchers worth of Rs 20,000 from Goibibo.

Myntra End Of Reason Sale Phonepe Wallet Offer

·        Through PhonePe wallet you will get 15% off  i.e., Rs.150 cash back  per person.
·        Payments through UPI,Credit Card and Debit Card within the PhonePe option on Myntra checkout only  valid. Cashback will not be offered on payments through PhonePe wallet.
·        Cashback will be credited to the PhonePe wallet within one working day.

Myntra End Of Reason Sale Citi Bank Offers

  -15% cashback with Citi Credit and Debit Cards on purchase on &Myntra APP (Mobile Application)
·        - Offer is valid from 00:00 Hours on 22nd dec 2017 till 23:59 Hours on 25th December ,2017,(Offer Period)
·        -  Applicable on a minimum transaction of Rs. 2000/-
·         - Maximum cashback up to Rs. 150/- per card 

           Myntra End Of Reason Sale Airtel FAQs

Individual can also get the VIP Passes and Coupon Codes by playing fun games and earning coins for knowing more about this topic check out my video on YouTube by

Friday, 17 November 2017

5 Easy home remedies to get rid of dark circles in a week / 100% result guarantee

November 17, 2017 1 Comments
Hi guys, today we are discussing about dark circles, it causes and how to get rid of them? but first we need understand, how this whole process works? Well!! the area around our eye is called pre-orbital area and it has thickness around 0.5 mm but the remaining skin has 2 or 3 mm thickness so there is more transparency of having under eye circle because the under eye layer is extremely thin and sensitive. Because of that, having eye bags and dark circles is trivial nowadays, it can happen to anyone beat be a women or a men. But some of the main reasons are stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, disturbed lifestyle, hereditary and much more. 

Another cause is hyper pigmentation, our skin has melanin components, it's thought to protect skin cells from UVB radiation damage. so whenever this production goes up our skin tends to become dark and whenever the production goes down our skin tends to become fair. So this can also be the reason behind your under eye circles.

Now it's very clear why this thing happen to us? It's not a disease but somewhere down the line we know dark circles are one thing which dull person's overall appearance, which sometimes effect our confidence. But hey!! there are so many products avail in market which claims to remove dark circles in a week, you can try them. In doubt? don't really trust their fake promises? Want 100% guarantee?, If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place because these pure home remedies will solve your how to get rid of dark circles? question very easily.

Below I am listing the home remedies which will definitely help you to remove dark circles in a week.

Grated Potato

Potato has anti inflammatory, antioxidants and skin brightening properties which reduce the water retention under eyes to get rid of dark circle and eye puffinessso take a potato, peel its outer skin off, then grate it and extract the juice out of the same. Then take a cotton ball, dip it into the juice and apply it onto the affected area. Let it sit for  15 min then wash off . Follow this regularly & see the result in a week.


Tomato is amazing ingredient for getting rid of dark circle, it makes the skin soft and supple. It has powerful antioxidants which protect the eyes against light-induced damage. So just take tomato and extract the juice out of it by squeezing, then dip a cotton ball and apply the same on your under eye dark circles. Leave it on for 10 minutes then wash off. Do this regularly or twice a week in order to get rid of dark circles.

Aloe Vera and Rosewater

Aloe Vera has anti aging properties which helps in restoring the suppleness around under eye area and Rosewater has anti bacterial and anti septic properties which prevent our eyes from redness, inflammation, dark circles and eye puffiness. So mix these two together and apply it onto dark circles then let it remain for 15 min or you can leave overnight as well. 

Buttermilk and Turmeric Powder

Buttermilk constrict the blood vessel and turmeric has inflammatory and anti fungal properties. So when these two ingredients comes together they do miracle for dark circles. All you need to do is Take 2 tablespoon of buttermilk and add turmeric powder into it. Take a cotton ball dip it into the mixture and apply it over your dark circles. Now, let it sit for 10-15 min and then wash off. Use this remedy regularly for considerable difference.

Tea Bag

Tea bags contains antioxidants which keeps our eyes away from free radical effectiveness, It also shrink the blood vessel and reduce the fluid retention around under eye area so it make your "how to get rid of dark circle in 2 days" routine easy. Soak a tea bag in cold water the simply place them on your eyes for 15 minutes. Do this regularly for visible results.

Watch this video for "Getting rid of your dark circles in a week".

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So these were my 5 easy ways to get rid of dark circles at home, I hope you'll find it helpful. If you guys have any queries please ask me in comment box below. Thanks for your lastingness.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Reviewing Vedantika Herbals Beauty And Skin Care Range

November 01, 2017 2 Comments
Vedantika Herbals is a group of researchers and scientists, outcome of their research is heavily void from utter possible chemical preservatives and synthetic colours. The Products are Certified from ISO and  they value our right to good health and skin. The quote ” A BEGINNING OF PURITY  AND INHERANT ESSENCE OF NATURE”  summarize the principle of Vedantika Herbals.

Visit their website for more:

In my last post I have talked about vedantika herbals facial scrub, and I really liked the scrub thus end up having some of their skin care products and they have quite a range in beauty and skin care, so read more on their website. 

I'll be sharing my experience with Vedantika Herbals today so that you can decide accordingly.

Neem Tulsi Aloe Facewash

Indian Herbs Neem(Margosa), Basil are known for their superb antimicrobial properties. Aloe vera hydrates while and cleanses naturally. Key Ingredients - Neem (Margosa oil), Basil oil, Aloe vera gel, Rose water.

Skin Polishing Scrub

Herbal extracts, nuts and pulses are combined to re-oxygenate and nourish the skin as they gently cleanse.

Skin Brightening Face feed

Formulated with precious traditional herbs this face pack has skin firming properties and assists in keeping the skin vibrant and radiant.

Instant Glow Face mask

A rare combination of Herbs traditionally used to give radiant glow to the skin. It enhances cell regeneration, improving skin metabolism. Leaves your face looking years younger. 

Sachet Life: before 18 months from date of Mfg
Bottle life: before 24 months from date of Mfg
Color: Wooden/Nude
Smell: Strong (not artificial)

Vedantika herbals Pacakging

Sachet packaging seems cheap but according to them it’s eco-friendly, so that’s good but then it’s little hard to preserve once you unplugged. No matter how hard you try to keep it in that sachet, powder spills here and there, which kind a irritating. I would suggest you to store it in another container, if you want to keep it for a longer period.
If we Talk about face wash packaging, it comes in a transparent pump bottle, I found this packaging very cute,stylish and convenient at the same time. Single pump is enough for washing face and it keeps hygiene intact.

My Experience
I did a proper clean up by using these products, so I will let you know what I felt after each step.

·         First, I washed my face with Neem Tulsi Aloe Face wash so it has gel based consistency, feels extremely light alike water on your face, create sufficient froth. Everything is just so perfect, it doesn’t make your skin dry unlike chemical face washes , you just don’t feel the urge of applying moisturizer. But the smell once again, it’s herbal I know but I feel it is just too much, otherwise it’s an excellent face wash and it suits me so, cheers!!

·         Next thing which I did was scrubbing, Vedantika Herbals Skin polishing scrub is the name I’ve already reviewed it on my instagram page, so follow the link and read it out there.

·         Then I’ve followed it by Skin Brightening Face Feed/Pack, this face pack has a picklely smell and the power is little dark in color. I mixed it with water, applied a layer over my face then let it sit for 5-10 min but during this sitting process

    I perceive minimal itching or irritation, so obviously I got scared and washed off instantly. But then there was no reaction, so that was just part of a process. So don’t panic like I did, if it happens with you. The good part about this pack is, it instantly gives your skin a touch of brightness and doesn’t extract your natural face oil. Once again a commendable job done by Vedantika herbals.

·         Upnext, I haven’t went ahead with Instant Glow face pack right after the face feed but after few days I used it to get the instant glow like the product claims. So took this product, well the powder is extremely soft and visually it seems like sandalwood powder.

    I followed the directions to form a paste, so I have added water, honey and vitamin E oil into it, then applied the thick layer over my face and neck. Now what I observe? It smells like Lal Dhant Manjan powder, assuming you know what it is? It takes 10-15 min for getting all dry and this pack feels too cool on face don’t know why? then after washing it off I experienced tiny glow on my face which besan pack can also does, if I add these ingredients into it. So, the product is good but not extremely fabulous, you can DIY any pack and easily substitute it. But if you’re in hurry then this pack come in handy.

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-No Paraben
-No Silicons
- No Artificial Aroma
- No Artificial Colors
- No Chemicals
- 100% Natural
- For All Skin type
- Don’t make your skin dry

-Smell is Too strong
- Storing Issue

Avaliabilty: In India (Website and Amazon)
Glamitupblogs Rating: 4.5/5

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Now Daily Scrubbing with Vedantika Herbals

October 11, 2017 0 Comments
Hey guys, How is your day going? before anything else, I want to tell you all that, this is actually my first time reviewing product here. Generally, I do so on my You Tube channel, because seriously it's important to surf before you swipe. And I always find opportunities to raise my voice and let people know how the product is.

This facial scrub is formulated with oats, herbs, nuts and pulses and when you open this packet you can literally smell it. Honestly, the aroma is freaking strong, although nothing artificial, it was one of those pure herbal fragrances but I coughed once while opening it.

The application process is very basic you can mix this powder with milk, curd or water (according to your preference) to form a paste. Then the usual way of doing scrub, gently rub for few seconds on wet area of the face and neck then rinse it off with water.

My Review

I got this product around Dussehera (The Indian Festival) since then I am regularly using it. My skin is extremely sensitive, I have to have think zillion times before I went ahead with any new product. And trusting Vedantika was again a dilemma, so before applying it onto my face I patch tested it around my neck line, after doing that, I was constantly keeping check on that area and it was all fine, no reaction, my skin remain perfect. So finally I gave it a shot.

I took a little bit of product, mixed it with water then gently scrubbed my face for around 5 minutes in a circular motion. After that I left the product onto my face for 2 minute  till it gets a little dry and then finally rinse it off with plain water. 

After first application I was able to feel the softness which is very normal any scrub weather it's herbal or chemical based gives you that. In my second application the softness was same but the only fear i was facing at that time was am i doing right? Because using a scrub on daily basis might harm your skin and you end up having rashes still, I took a chance, applied it third day and seriously, I got amazed with the results. My skin was doing great and even much better than before, you know why?  because of the follicles, they have the tiniest follicles in their scrub which doesn't even that noticeable hence your skin doesn't react even if you scrub it on daily basis.

Now tomorrow is my birthday and I am so happy with my choice, this facial scrub soothes and softens my skin so well, my skin is glowing perfectly. Counting hours for the D-Day because I am so ready to rock my birthday party.

Now it's a wrap, let me know what you think about this review and if you have any queries let me know below in the comment box.

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What to buy this Festive season from Flipkart/Myntra Big Billion Sale 2017?

September 21, 2017 1 Comments
Gear up for all your festive shopping girlies, the much awaited Big Billion Sale 2017 is finally here, it is live and will continue till 24th September 2017. And the sale during these days would mostly be driven by key categories such as smartphones, large appliances, furniture and FASHION. So, the sale is massive and it’s one of the biggest with 50 to 80% off for him and her. With humongous variety of  top most brands like Nike, The Roadster, Puma, Jack and Jones, Forever 21,  Vero Moda, U.S polo, Biba and much more. And when it comes to grabbing the bestest deal online I cannot resist myself to talk, shop and write.  For knowing about offers and deals you can watch my latest video on YouTube here.

Because In this post, I will guide you through the best brand, style and product that you can get your hands on during this flip kart/ mantra big billion sale. It can be a very daunting task to decide from where to drive, which is where I come in.

These 4 days of exciting discount across categories like Indian wear, Dresses, Women’s top, Denim, trousers,  Luggage, Sunglasses, Watches, Handbags, Jewelry, Lingerie, Personal care, Women’s shoes, Men’s shoes can be your best ever purchasing days.  I have given direct product links to each and every product towards the end of the post so if you like something – don’t wait – just click and shop.

1. Kook-n-Keech Off White Crop Minion T-Shirt
Update your look with this cute off white minion crop tee, will look super cool under denim overalls.
You got to have this suitcase if you are planning your festive season getaway. It's in huge discount. 
3. Voyage Unisex Mirrored Sunglasses
This color is love at first sight, this full rim frame style is going to be a total rage. 
 4. Timex Gunmetal Analogue Watch
Can't ever go wrong with black dial silver watches, it show you mean business. 
 5. FabAlley Cold Shoulder Align Dress
 A cute, comfy yet elegant dress, great for a sunday brunch with the girlfriends.
White sneaker are another all time favourite item your wadrobe MUST HAVE.
A classic round-toed sandals go well with casual and evening wear. Put them on and you are ready to go! 

 8. Aeropostale dusty Pink High rise Jeggings
 A light pair of pastel high rise jeggings are so summer appropriate. They Look equally    great with heels and sneakers.

 This pretty off shoulder with shoulder straps blouson top can be worn with denim jeans or shorts or even formal trousers- The opportunities are endless.

Hope you enjoyed the post and will explore the various styling options available on Flipkart/MyntraBig Billion Sale 2017.
I’d love to know what your favorites from this style list are!
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